Being active in business, our founders know well what is the secret of well-organized business trips, conferences, welcoming and "keeping" business partners, which is why we are also active in the MICE segment. The complete organization is available from one source, through one channel, in Hungary and in several foreign countries as well!

What we do

We know how important, complex and time-consuming it is to organise your own company business trips and to welcome foreign guests, organise programmes, arrange accommodation, prepare and manage travel.

Our founders have been business leaders for decades and have encountered the challenges of business travel on countless occasions.

These are the challenges we take off our clients' shoulders, primarily in the areas and ways detailed below.

For the KVX Group, business travel is not just about organisation, but also about creating memorable and successful events for our clients.

Our aim is to coordinate every detail perfectly so that our clients can leave the management of their trips entirely to us and focus on building relationships and doing business.


KVX is a member of network organisations that register members from almost every country in the world.  This enables us to arrange comfortable and safe travel, accommodation or exhibition participation for business people and business groups wishing to travel to several countries.

As a travel agency, we have discounted service rates for many well-known hotel chains, which also make us worth testing by requesting a quote!

We can take over the management of the following matters or put together an organisational package on request:

Car renting

Flight ticket


Booking accomodation

Exhibition and fair installation, transport, customs clearance


Travel insurance

Sightseeing and leisure activities

Visa administration

With the help of our selected foreign partners, we are most competitive in the following countries (possibly flag visualisation):

Australia Australia
Denmark Denmark
Egypt Egypt
Germany Germany
Greece Greece
Italy Italy
Poland Poland
Portugal Portugal
Republic of Korea Republic of Korea
Spain Spain
Switzerland Switzerland
Turkey Turkey
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom United Kingdom
United States United States


If a company in Hungary wishes to organise a domestic trip or programme for its own employees, or is expecting business partners from abroad and their accommodation or programme needs to be arranged, the KVX Group can be relied upon in the following areas

Wine tour and related activities in the wine region

Team building

Elegant, unique meeting venue


Film studio visit, filming


Travel insurance

Accommodation arrangements

Coordinating these in time and space, and then managing the entire implementation process is our responsibility, our clients should only focus on the business partner, the deal and the experience provided by the programmes!

The regions in Hungary where we can make this happen through our network of contacts

  • Badacsony and its region
  • Budapest
  • Somló and its surrounding
  • Balatonfüred and its surrounding
  • Etyek
  • Tokaj-Hegyalja settlements

In all cases, we organise a full range of programmes, depending on the basic needs of our clients!

In business tourism, we do not have concrete, adoptable paths. There are so many combinations that we can only organise and put together programmes after assessing the specific needs of our clients. However, reference programme packages that have already been completed can be found here: (jump to Tourism offer)

Our reference complex travel package, organised according to our Client's needs through our network of contacts



MLBKT (Hungary's largest logistics organisation)



March 2024





Number of people:

17 people



3 days, 2 nights



accommodation in a 5-star hotel on the beach, breakfast included



breakfasts in the hotel, lunch and dinner every day in a restaurant.

Szakmai programok:

Professional programmes:

company visit, port visit

Szabadidős program:

Leisure programme:

boat trip, guided sightseeing (in the historic part of the city)

Egyéb szolgáltatás:

Other services include:

transport between programme locations, travel insurance.

Details and photos:


If you would like to find out more in general or about a specific service or program, we are available at one of the following contacts:







The KVX Innovations group offers services in 3 areas and is looking for investment opportunities: 1. Logistics 2. Software management 3. Tourism.

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